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Fincy Dapatkan Suntikan Dana 11 Juta US Dollar dari GBCI

Berdasarkan berbagai media internasional seperti Business Times dan Entrepreneur, perusahaan startup di bidang FinTech asal Singapora, Fincy, mendapatkan suntikan dana sebesar 11 juta US Dollar dari perusaahan induk GBCI, guna mendukung perkembangan layanan teknis dan pasar Fincy di Asia Tenggara. Perusahaan Fincy juga menambahkan bahwa, selain suntikkan dana, perusahaan mereka pun akan menyelesai

Yutong Holds Online Live-Show to Decode 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility for Global Viewers

On September 8 2020, Yutong officially unveiled its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution at its namesake launching ceremony. One day later, at 6pm on September 9, Yutong brought intelligent technologies in a live-show on SNS. Yutong showcased its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution and unveiled a series of intelligent IoT technologies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yutong’s internatio

Di Gambar ini, Apa Yang Pertama Anda Lihat? — Silahkan simak gambar di atas, kemudian cek artinya seperti ini. Ok. Apakah yang Anda lihat, pertama kali di gambar di atas? Jika melihat sebuah gambar ini. Artinya adalah

RIES: Saturated global spirits market prompts new brands to target younger generation

An analysis report by Ries Positioning Strategy & Consulting on the alcoholic spirits market has found that global consumption of spirits reached 21.4 billion liters in 2019. Over the past five years, the global spirits market has grown steadily at an average rate of 1.7% per year. At present, the world’s top three spirits categories are baijiu, whiskey, and vodka.

​AET REMOULD Launches the Latest Rolex Daytona Modified Watch

Picasso, one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the 20th century, the name has become a brilliant artistic symbol. His amazing talent and creativity exert a profound impact on the endless exploration spirit of art forms.

Drive System for Rotating Smart Speaker Facilitates Voice Interaction

​ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. has proudly upgraded the micro drive system for rotating smart speaker . Confronted with the pain points of smart speakers on the market, ZHAOWEI optimizes the intelligent rotary deceleration module to facilitate voice interaction, turning the "functional era" into the "intelligent era".

Meckiss Facial Cleanser with Bioecolia Balanced Skin Micro-ecology

Recent years, health method of probiotics is popular all over the world. In fact, as far back as 1982, Estee Lauder rolled out Advanced Night Repair with probiotics. Thereafter, a large number of niche brands and luxury brands have followed suit. They produced various skin care products including facial cleanser, mask and cream. Meckiss followed closely, and entered the initial market of probiotic


​“Penang Adventist Hospital memang cukup dikenali dan akrab di kalangan orang Indonesia, karena pendekatan holistik dan layanan yang ditawarkan kepada pasien,” demikian Ronald Koh, CEO Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH).

XTransfer Foreign Trade Advance Index Points to Resilience of China's Smaller Exporters

FinTech startup found cause for celebration after tracking trade payment collection by small and medium trading firms since last December.

"Two Cities and One Center" in Jiangbei New Area Is a Chinese Chip City with Global Influence

Along the coast of the Northern Yangtze River, on land that is about the size of the Silicon Valley in America, Jiangbei New Area in Nanjing is fully powering its integrated circuit industry and strengthening the "chips" in China. This is a new central city in Nanjing and a city of chips facing the future, where an integrated circuit industrial cluster at the level of hundreds of billions yuan wil

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