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Bali Terima Bantuan Fasilitas Tempat Cuci Tangan Di Tempat Wisata

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Pemerintah Provinsi Bali melalui Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi Bali menerima bantuan 18 fasilitas wastafel tempat cuci tangan portable pedal untuk 9 lokasi daya tarik wisata (DTW) Bali dari


Yue,Chenglin, Han nationality, spiritual artist, no: the dragon of jiuyishan. Born in November 1976 in Ningyuan county, Hunan Province. He graduated from the Art College of Hunan University of Science and Technology in 2001.


Yang, Jilin, pseudonym gen yi, zi mo table, Hao xuanwu hall, was born in 1955 in Huzhou, Zhejiang province. Painters of the National Academy of Ethnic Paintings. Currently, he is the deputy secretary general of the corporate artists working Committee of the China association for the promotion of corporate culture and lives in Beijing.


Brief introduction of Liu Fengxian's art. Liu Fengxian, a famous Chinese artist. Born in 1942. From an early age, he loved fine arts very much. He used to be a fine arts teacher for many years. Under the guidance of Master Huang Zhou, he studied Liu Xi's painting theory and techniques for decades.

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