CBOF held first global Economic Summit

2020-08-13 互联网

A few days ago, the first CBOF global economic summit in Singapore in 2020 officially opened. Jun Hasegawa, CEO of CBOF Foundation, said at the CBOF Global Economic Summit that CBOF is promoting the development of the global blockchain industry through policies, including the cultivation of blockchain talents, the technological advantages of CBOF, the prospect of fintech, the future development plan of CBOF, etc。

The summit invited more than 30 blockchain industry experts and more than 50 industry leaders and companies, and attracted hundreds of attendees.

According to the director of the organizer, the participants of the summit were very enthusiastic and gave CBOF high recognition and appreciation.

The following for CBOF foundation CEO Jun Hasegawa at the summit of part of speech, released by bobby editor, including authorization.

Jun Hasegawa:Thank you very much for coming to the first CBOF Global Economic Summit, which gives me the opportunity to learn with you!

In fact, fintech is not really a new word, but an industry concept that has been studied for more than 30 years. Over the course of 30 years, fintech has been evolving its shape.

Global fintech investment grew rapidly in 2014, peaking in 2015. In 2015, the number of investment transactions by the global finance department reached 1,255, while after 2015, the investment enthusiasm of the global capital market for fintech has weakened somewhat. In terms of global investment distribution, Europe was the largest region with $26 billion, followed by Asia and the Americas with $16.8 billion and $14.8 billion, respectively.

From the perspective of the current social status, the pursuit of wealth is a common feature of people, covering most people in the society. Moreover, the higher the social status and the more wealth people have, the more importance they attach to information security and personal privacy, and the more money they are willing to pay for it, thus creating a huge market space for this industry.

In a series of technological innovation upsurge, blockchain is undoubtedly the most suspicious and controversial. Although blockchain technology has been available for ten years, people's understanding of this new technological innovation and its development are widely divergent. The fundamental reason is that the large-scale application of blockchain technology is still in the stage of research and development and experiment, which requires more solid technological exploration and institutional research.

CBOF is a public chain project based on SPOS consensus mechanism, application of distributed cloud data storage combined with the underlying platform of block chain business application of virtual mining machine. CBOF is a block chain application ecosystem integrating cloud mining machine, wallet, mall, social networking and digital currency exchange. CBOF is a public chain project based on the underlying platform of virtual mining machine and virtual mining machine.

The CBOF ecological chain will make simultaneous efforts from four aspects, including technical framework, product system, ecological construction and application practice, so that the CBOF ecological chain can truly fit the business scene and empower all walks of life. In the future, CBOF will build a rich, prosperous and emerging new decentralized business continent.

Let's look forward to the disruptive change of CBOF!

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